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RELEASE: Granite Staters Say Sununu’s Vaccine Program Is A “Nightmare” And A “Real Mess”

Concord, N.H. -- In less than a week after Governor Sununu opened up the vaccine registration system to those in Phase 1b, vulnerable Granite Staters from across the state have called Sununu’s vaccine rollout a "nightmare” and a “real mess” after dealing with issues ranging from glitches with the registration system to having their appointments canceled abruptly. Those eligible to sign up to register for the vaccine expressed frustration trying to navigate the website or phone system, citing issues getting members of the same household who qualify for the vaccine registered, confusion over terminology on the website, and a lack of communication from the state. The Concord Monitor reported that while Sununu’s administration said registering for the vaccine was first come, first serve, when there are issues with the website, “those who are affected get pushed to the back of the line.” Some Granite Staters who were able to get over the barriers to register then had to deal with having their appointments canceled. Those who registered to get the vaccine at Littleton, Woodsville, or Pease International Tradeport had their appointments canceled because the vaccine sites listed were not supposed to be available to the public. Other vulnerable Granite Staters have had their appointments rescheduled to locations hours away, forcing them to wait even longer for the life-saving vaccine. “It’s been less than a week and the list of issues Granite Staters have had to try to register for the vaccine is growing longer while Governor Sununu refuses to act,” said Senator Cindy Rosenwald. “The Sununu administration needs to figure out a way to address these problems immediately, or there will be even longer delays in the vaccine rollout which will put our most vulnerable Granite Staters at even greater risk and continue to hurt our economy.”



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