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RELEASE: Chris Sununu Is Right -- He Does Own Vaccine Website Problems

Concord, N.H. -- Governor Chris Sununu finally acknowledged that he owns the failed vaccine rollout this week that left many Granite Staters unable to register for their second COVID vaccine -- and in some cases, had their appointments canceled altogether. Governor Sununu ignored warnings from immunization and public health leaders and instead was one of only nine governors to sign up for the Trump administration’s failed vaccine registration program, which has frustrated so many Granite Staters. While Sununu is correct in that he does “own this problem,” Sununu also owns all of his other COVID failures that have jeopardized the health and safety of Granite Staters.

Sununu Was the Last New England Governor to Issue Mask Order

  • “While the rest of the northeast corner of the country from Minnesota to Kentucky to North Carolina and up to Maine, had mask mandates, New Hampshire alone did not [...] You have to wonder if New Hampshire’s numbers approaching 1,000 new cases every two days, would more resemble Maine’s averaging 200 a day if the mask mandate had happened earlier.” [InDepthNH, 11/22/20]

Under Sununu, New Hampshire Ranked Number 1 in Nursing Home Deaths

  • In December, 32 New Hampshire long-term care facilities experienced outbreaks after Sununu refused to adopt the public health measures that were instituted in neighboring states.

Under Sununu, New Hampshire Is Still Behind Neighboring States in Percent of the Population Vaccinated

  • According to updated data from Bloomberg News, Vermont, Maine, Connecticut, and New York have all moved ahead of New Hampshire in the percentage of the population that has been vaccinated. Vermont’s vaccination rate is 12.79 percent, Maine’s is 12.43 percent, Connecticut’s is 13.51 percent, New York’s is 10.92 percent. Meanwhile, New Hampshire has vaccinated only 10.67 percent of its population and has only vaccinated less than half of our long-term care facilities.

Sununu Vetoed a Bipartisan Bill that Could have Protected Residents and Staff at the New Hampshire Veterans Home

  • Senator Cindy Rosenwald called out Sununu’s veto of a bipartisan bill – which was supported by Sununu’s own Department of Health and Human Services – and would have required an independent assessment to provide a preparedness plan in the event of a second COVID-19 wave at the New Hampshire Veterans Home and other facilities.

    • Sununu vetoed HB 1246 in July, calling it “redundant.”

Sununu’s COVID Relief Program Left Small Businesses Behind

  • Local restaurant owners said that they were left behind by the small business relief program that Governor Sununu created to distribute federal relief funds.

Sununu Tried to Allow Non-Residents Who Own Second Homes in New Hampshire to Get the COVID Vaccine Before Residents

  • Sununu faced backlash for letting non-residents receive the vaccine before teachers, raising concerns given his and his family’s financial ties to the ski industry and the Waterville Valley ski resort, which is dominated by second homes.

Sununu Let Ski Patrol Members Get the COVID Vaccine Before Teachers

  • Sununu approved a plan to move ski patrol members -- even out-of-staters and volunteers -- into the first group for vaccinations -- and to downgrade the priority of teachers despite nearly every other state choosing to vaccinate teachers in Phase 1.

Sununu Refuses to Vaccinate TSA Workers in Phase 1 or 2

  • Under Governor Sununu, New Hampshire’s 75 TSA workers cannot get vaccinations in Phase 1 or 2, unlike TSA workers in Maine and Massachusetts. Those states are vaccinating their TSA workforce in Phase 1.

“It’s about time that Governor Sununu finally took responsibility for his failed vaccine rollout, but there are still many more egregious examples of his failure to handle this crisis that he needs to be held accountable for,” said Senator Cindy Rosenwald. “He owes Granite Staters an apology for failing to institute common-sense public health measures, for vetoing legislation that could have saved lives at our nursing home facilities, and for putting his own political and personal interest ahead of the wellbeing of the people of New Hampshire.”



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