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RACE TO THE BOTTOM: GOP Senate Candidates Fight Over Who is Most Anti-Choice

The Republican Senate candidates are attacking each other over their extreme, anti-choice records in a race to the bottom to see who is the most anti-abortion candidate in the NH GOP Senate primary. Here’s the latest:

  • SMITH MAKES SUPPORT FOR DEFUNDING PLANNED PARENTHOOD CENTERPIECE OF HIS CAMPAIGN: Kevin Smith has incessantly attacked his primary opponent Chuck Morse for supporting funds for Planned Parenthood. (Despite the fact that Morse actually supports defunding and has voted to defund Planned Parenthood.) Smith’s campaign manager Seb Rougemont tweeted that Morse was a “fraud” and promoted Smith’s record of introducing an abortion ban that made no exceptions even to save the life of the mother.

  • SMITH REPEATEDLY SAYS HE’LL SUPPORT A NATIONWIDE ABORTION BAN: At an event in Brentwood this month, Smith said he would vote for a federal abortion ban — with or without exceptions — because “we shouldn't allow the good to be the enemy of the perfect.” During a campaign event in Nashua in June, Smith said he would support “any” legislation to restrict abortion in the US Senate.

  • MORSE KEEPS BRAGGING ABOUT PASSING NH’S FIRST MODERN ABORTION BAN: This month, Chuck Morse bragged that he passed the first abortion ban in New Hampshire and said he “absolutely” wanted a stricter ban than the one he created which made no exceptions for rape, incest, or fatal fetal anomaly and included a mandatory ultrasound requirement and felony penalties for doctors when it was first signed into law last year.

  • VIKRAM MANSHARAMANI WANTS TO BAN ABORTION AT FOUR WEEKS: On Wednesday, Vikram Mansharamani said he would be open to an abortion ban up to “four weeks, six weeks, eight weeks.”

  • BRUCE FENTON SUPPORTS A BAN ON ABORTION AT 120 DAYS: In April, Bruce Fenton tweeted that he supports new restrictions on abortion — including a 120 day abortion ban.

  • BOLDUC WOULDN’T VOTE AGAINST ANY ANTI-CHOICE LEGISLATION. Last year, Bolduc said he would never vote against any anti-choice legislation, and he said the New Hampshire abortion ban is “better than nothing” but complained it doesn’t go far enough.

With less than two months until the primary, it’s clear that the Republican candidates will continue trying to prove who has the most extreme, anti-choice record and who would be a rubber stamp for a nationwide abortion ban.


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