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Potential Trump-Backed Candidate Threatens to Plunge Messy NH GOP Primary Further Into Chaos

A potential Trump-backed Republican is considering jumping into the messy NH GOP Senate primary, and there’s no doubt that she would plunge this messy primary into total chaos.

According to a report from the New York Sun, Donald Trump's advisor Corey Lewandowski hinted that Wendy Long, a Republican who ran twice for US Senate in New York in 2012 and 2016, has a “100 percent” chance of joining the NH GOP Senate primary and could very well get Trump’s support. The report also notes that “in the last week, [Long] has tweeted twice negatively about the incumbent senator, Democrat Maggie Hassan.” And in a preview of just how messy a Long candidacy could be, the article includes Lewandowski repeatedly attacking General Don Bolduc.

Regardless of if — or when — Long announces her candidacy for US Senate, one thing is clear: Corey Lewandowski — and Donald Trump — are set to make the New Hampshire Senate primary even more chaotic.

Key Excerpts:

  • Could Brigadier General Don Bolduc, a retired Army combat veteran of 10 tours in Afghanistan, get ambushed in the race for U.S. Senate in New Hampshire — and by a woman who has yet to step forward but will do so shortly?

  • That’s the prediction Corey Lewandowski hazards to the Sun. President Trump’s former campaign manager also predicts that General Bolduc won’t win Mr. Trump’s endorsement. “Donald Trump endorses winners,” Mr. Lewandowski says. “Don Bolduc is not going to be the Republican nominee.”

  • Mr. Lewandowski tells the Sun that that “unequivocally somebody else is getting in” the race in the coming week or two. He refuses to provide this paragon’s name. He does confirm the expectation that the candidate is a woman “is very true.” He puts the odds of this female candidate entering the race at “100 percent.”

  • Signs are emerging that Wendy Long could be the woman Mr. Lewandowski is referring to.

  • An attorney who clerked for Justice Clarence Thomas and twice ran for Senate from New York State, Ms. Long now lists a New Hampshire residence on her social media accounts. In the last week, she has tweeted twice negatively about the incumbent senator, Democrat Maggie Hassan, pointing to border security and gas prices.

  • A message left at Ms. Long’s office was not immediately returned.

  • [...] The former president has a 43 percent favorable rating in New Hampshire, but among the state’s Republicans, 83 percent view Mr. Trump favorably.

  • “Donald Trump’s endorsement matters greatly,” Mr. Levesque says.

  • Mr. Lewandowski doesn’t think General Bolduc can win, and “President Trump refers to Corey Lewandowski when he’s doing anything dealing with New Hampshire,” Mr. Levesque concurs.

  • Mr. Lewandowski says this comment and General Bolduc’s recent Fox News appearance when he called on President Biden to put special forces or CIA operatives on the ground in Ukraine are signs General Bolduc is “not qualified to be a United States senator.” He called General Bolduc “a war monger” and describes General Bolduc’s Ukraine position as “the exact antithesis” of Mr. Trump’s America First policy.

  • Mr. Lewandowski would not say whether President Trump would endorse the yet-announced female GOP senate candidate, but he expressed enthusiasm. “New Hampshire has a history of electing women to federal office,” Mr. Lewandowski says. “It’s not about the biology of the candidate,” but a “high-profile female” with the ability to fundraise nationally would present “some advantages” in the race against Senator Hassan.

  • General Bolduc thinks if he wins it will be “a bellwether” for Mr. Trump in 2024. If another New Hampshire GOP senate candidate gets Mr. Trump’s endorsement, however, the pro-Trump vote will likely follow.


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