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POLITICO Reports: McConnell Allies Coming to Morse's Rescue

Chuck Morse is Mitch McConnell’s Man – and Now McConnell in Coming to Morse’s Rescue

A new report from Politico finds that a Mitch McConnell-aligned super PAC is swooping in two weeks before the NH GOP Senate to prop up Chuck Morse’s failing Senate campaign with a $2.6 million dollars ad blitz backing Morse. White Mountain PAC was created on August 30th, and its Treasurer is Mitch McConnell ally Les Williamson. Williamson is a former top staffer at the NRSC, consulted for a candidate committee authorized by McConnell, and has been paid more than $419,000 by the NRSC as a staffer and consultant – as recently as last spring. The PAC bought $2.6 million in advertisements in New Hampshire to back Morse starting tomorrow and going through September 13. Chuck Morse would be a Mitch McConnell acolyte in the Senate. Morse has made clear he would be a yes vote for McConnell’s anti-choice, corporate special interest agenda. Like McConnell, Morse opposed legislation to allow Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices, and has also opposed capping prices for insulin — toeing the line for Big Pharma. If elected, Morse would also be a yes vote for McConnell’s push to ban abortion nationwide. He was the “key architect” of the first abortion ban in modern New Hampshire history and has repeatedly voted against exceptions for rape or incest. The decision to drop over two million dollars in ads to boost Morse’s campaign leaves no doubt that Mitch McConnell and GOP insiders are sounding the alarm after a new poll showed that Don Bolduc had a double-digit lead over Morse in the NH GOP Senate primary. With McConnell coming to Morse’s rescue, it is clear that he is trying to buy the nomination for his rubber stamp in the eleventh hour. “Mitch McConnell and national Republicans are intervening in the Republican Senate primary because their handpicked candidate Chuck Morse is failing with just two weeks left until the primary,” said NHDP spokesperson Gates MacPherson. “This massive intervention shows just how desperate Mitch McConnell and national Republicans are to push their handpicked candidate over the finish line.”


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