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PANIC: NH Republicans Sound the Alarm about the GOP’s Weak “B-Tier” Field of Senate Candidates

New Hampshire Republicans are officially hitting the panic button about their weak, divided, and messy Senate primary. Yesterday, The Hill reported that “Republicans are already starting to get anxious about the lack of a clear front-runner,” with one longtime conservative leader in the state complaining that, “I don’t think Republicans have really focused on who is the best person” to win the primary. And earlier this week, the Boston Globe echoed those sentiments, reporting that the entire field is made up of candidates who are “largely unknown outside of political circles” and “now must contend in an expensive primary against each other.” Those anxieties about the lackluster GOP candidates have even made it into conservative radio in New Hampshire. On Wednesday, the Pulse of NH’s host Jack Heath — the state’s leading conservative radio host — cast doubt on whether the field would be able to raise the funds necessary to run a competitive race. Heath said that the Republican candidates “are going to have to raise a lot of money, and sustain raising money,” because Senator Maggie Hassan is “very proficient at fundraising.” Brad Card, one of the political analysts on the show, went one step further and said flat out that the NH GOP Senate candidates “haven't shown” they can raise enough money to make the race competitive. “Even Republicans are now admitting on the record what the rest of us have known all along: their out-of-touch B-tier candidates are struggling to connect with Granite Staters,” said NHDP spokesperson Gates MacPherson. “With all of the candidates more interested in currying favor with Mitch McConnell than doing what is right for New Hampshire, it’s no surprise that even Republicans dislike their unknown and unliked Senate field.”


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