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PAGE NOT FOUND: Hansel George Hansel Continues Hiding His Record On Abortion

CONCORD, NH — It has been more than 90 days since Republican George Hansel announced his run for Congress in New Hampshire’s Second District. Despite desperately claiming to be “pro-choice,” Hansel has made clear that in reality, he does not support abortion access or reproductive freedom. In a public debate last week he signaled he held the same views as his extreme, anti-choice Republican primary opponents Bob Burns and Lily Tang Williams. Both of these candidates have made their far-right policy stances clear. Hansel does not even have an issue page on his website, and the word “abortion” is nowhere to be found. And now, Hansel refused to complete the iVoterGuide, even though both of his primary opponents did.

Why is George Hansel hiding his beliefs and policy stances from New Hampshire voters?

In response to this lazy and vapid “campaign platform,” NHDP spokesperson Monica Venzke released the following statement:

“There are no good choices in the Republican primary for New Hampshire’s Second District. George Hansel is all talk, no action. At every turn, he has made more false, empty claims about being pro-choice while actually supporting policies and politicians that would drastically restrict access to reproductive health care. Just like Bob Burns and Lily Tang Williams, Hansel is out of step with New Hampshire. Granite State voters can see through his facade.”


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