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Outrage over Sununu’s Extreme Budget Continues as Former GOP Legislator, Non-Profit Leaders Speak up

ROUNDUP: Outrage over Sununu’s Extreme Budget Continues as Former GOP Legislator, Non-Profit Leaders Speak Out

In case you missed it, the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, a renowned, nonpartisan Granite State organization joined a growing number of community leaders, educational and health care professionals, Granite State activists — and even former GOP legislators — in strongly opposing Chris Sununu’s extreme budget. The New Hampshire Charitable Foundation slammed Sununu’s budget for including a ban on discussing “divisive concepts” that is a clear attack on free speech — which drove ten members of the Governor's Diversity Council to resign last week and made national headlines. Sununu also continues to be sharply criticized for his anti-choice budget that bans abortion, requires mandatory ultrasounds, and could potentially end health care services for Granite Staters. Read more about the continuing fallout from Chris Sununu’s budget:

  • “At the end of last week, CEO [ of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation] Richard Ober issued a very critical statement about the budget, education vouchers and the process. ‘We now have a law in New Hampshire that censors the teaching of truth in public schools and state agencies about systemic racism and sexism. This will deter discussions of an honest rendering of our shared history. The opposition to this measure from every sector of our society was overwhelming and clear — and yet it was inserted into the state budget and signed notwithstanding. That is not how democracy should work.’”

  • “‘It makes me so sad,’ said Liz Hager, who served 13 terms in the House as a Republican and is now a registered independent. What upsets her most? ‘The disregard for women in the whole abortion fiasco,’ she said.”

  • “The people of New Hampshire value free speech, but alas the radical right in D.C. and the New Hampshire extremists have forced once moderates like Gov. Sununu and Sen. Bradley to turn their backs on our basic constitutional rights. Our recourse is to ensure they never again get elected to any office.”

  • “I am disappointed and discouraged by the signing of this legislation. Shame on you, Governor Sununu. [...] In New Hampshire we value our thoughtful independent thinking and resent unnecessary government intrusion into our classrooms and our personal lives.”

  • “Facing questions over the abortion provisions in the GOP budget, the governor answered many times saying, “It is not my bill … It is the Legislature’s proposal.” All I’ve got to say to that is: He never had a problem vetoing anything in a budget put forth by the Democrats.”


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