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On WMUR Facebook Live, Don Bolduc Says Men Should Be Able to Stop Women From Getting Abortions

During a WMUR Facebook live interview with Adam Sexton today, Don Bolduc’s extreme and out of step agenda was on full display when he said men should be able to stop women from getting abortions and made it clear he supports a national sales tax. Bolduc was asked whether or not he supported a bill proposed in the State House that would allow men to block women from getting an abortion, and Bolduc said “it’s a huge problem,” and he agreed with the legislation because “fathers aren’t getting the proper due process in the court system.” Watch the clip here:

Bolduc also came out in support of a national sales tax. Bolduc was asked to expand on his support of a “fair tax,” which would impose a 23% sales tax on everything — even rent and health care — and increase taxes on the middle class by an average of $3,200 a year. Bolduc responded by saying, “I want a fair tax so that everybody pays the fair share based off of the income that they make. And then we would uncomplicate this entire complicated IRS tax system that we have.” Bolduc has repeatedly backed the fair tax. In October, Bolduc said we “need a fair tax.” In 2020, Bolduc said a fair tax is “something that we need to do” and claimed that “we need to start those type[s] of initiatives now” like the fair tax. Watch the clip here:


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