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OFF THE RAILS: The GOP Candidates’ Worst Moments from the Very Nasty Newsmax Debate

It was another divisive, drag-out, nasty Republican Senate debate in New Hampshire — this time hosted by Newsmax. Check out the lowlights from the debate: 1. Newsmax Moderator Doesn’t Even Know the Candidates’ Names or What They Look Like The debate was off to a rough start when the moderator called Bruce Fenton “Bruce Felton,” thought that Chuck Morse was Don Bolduc, and said that Kevin Smith was a “former state congressman.” It was clear that, like most Granite Staters, the moderator had no idea who these guys were.

2. Bruce Fenton Slams Chuck Morse as a “Tyrant,” Says He’ll Oppose Morse if He’s the GOP Nominee After “turtling” in response to attacks from Bruce Fenton in the last debate, Chuck Morse faced another broadside from Fenton, who slammed Morse as a “tyrant.” Fenton refused to support Morse if he is the nominee, saying “I won’t vote for tyrants, Chuck,” and “I’m going down to vote against tyrants, and that includes you.”

3. Establishment Favorites Morse and Smith Rip Into Each Other On Debate Stage In one of the most fiery moments of the debate, establishment favorites Chuck Morse and Kevin Smith ripped into each other, taking deep digs at each other’s record. Kevin Smith took the first swing by calling out Chuck Morse for siding with Maggie Hassan in the State Senate. Chuck Morse hit back – chastising Smith for missing 61 percent of his votes when Smith was a Representative in the NH State House.

4. Don Bolduc Doubles Down on His Opposition to Allowing Medicare to Negotiate Drug Prices Tonight, Don Bolduc doubled down on his opposition to allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices, proving once more that he would stand with Big Pharma over Granite Staters. Allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices is a commonsense solution that will help bring down prescription drug prices across the board and put money back into Granite Staters’ pockets.

5. Chuck Morse Just Kept Yelling… and Yelling… and Yelling Chuck Morse either doesn't understand how microphones work, or he was trying to hide his horrible policy positions by yelling at the viewers of the debate. Morse yelled about how he passed an abortion ban in New Hampshire and how he opposes saving seniors money by allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices. Watch Morse yell:

6. Even Republicans Thought This Debate Was a Disaster for All the Candidates (Except Vikram?) Don’t take our word for it. Even conservative activist Greg Moore admitted that this debate was a complete and utter disaster for the GOP field.


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