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Nothing But Crickets From Sununu on Anti-Trans Legislation

CONCORD, NH — Yesterday, thanks to the leadership of State House Democrats, two pieces of hateful, anti-trans legislation were halted. HB 10, the bill that would forcibly “out” transgender students, and HB 417, which puts criminal penalties on individuals assisting trans youth seeking gender-affirming care, were both tabled.

When asked about the accompanying hateful legislation in the State Senate, Sununu did not comment.

In response, NHDP Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement:

“Granite Staters want nothing to do with the hateful, anti-LBGTQ+ legislation that the NH GOP continues to push. Last year, Sununu said he’d veto this legislation. This year he won’t even comment on it. Sununu is laser-focused on building his national profile instead of protecting Granite Staters. Our trans youth need a governor who is going to protect them.”


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