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NO COMMENT: Republican State Senators Are Refusing to Answer Questions About Sununu’s Abortion Ban

NO COMMENT: Republican State Senators Are Refusing to Answer Questions About Chris Sununu’s Cruel and Extreme Abortion Ban

Concord, N.H. -- In a sign of just how toxic Chris Sununu’s anti-choice budget is, Republican State Senate President Chuck Morse, Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley, and Senator Regina Birdsell, a key architect of Sununu’s abortion ban, are all dodging reporters’ questions about it. In the past week, all three Senators have refused to answer questions about the ban:

  • NHPR, “Republican Sen. Regina Birdsell helped craft the bill’s language, but a spokesperson said Birdsell was unavailable for comment.”

  • NHPR: “Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley, Republican of Wolfeboro, said the proposal represents the will of majorities in the House and Senate, but declined to answer questions about the ultrasound provision.”

  • NH Journal: “Morse had little to say about the social issues in the budget [...] He instead returned the conversation again and again to taxes and the economy.”

The Senators’ silence comes amidst a sharp backlash against the abortion ban. Nearly 200 doctors have spoken out against the legislation and a rally against the legislation is set for Thursday. And last Thursday, Sununu held a disastrous press conference, where he was repeatedly pressed by members of the media on the falsehoods he has been spreading about the abortion ban. “Senate Republicans know that Governor Sununu’s extreme and cruel abortion ban is toxic with voters,” said NHDP Chair Ray Buckley. “Make no mistake, Governor Sununu and every single New Hampshire Republican elected official will have to answer for their support of this extreme abortion ban that Granite Staters overwhelmingly oppose -- whether it’s now or when they’re up for re-election next year.”



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