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#NHSEN DEBATE KEY MOMENTS: Morse Doubles Down on a Nationwide Abortion Ban

During the final Republican Senate debate hosted by WMUR, the B-tier candidates made clear just how extreme they are. Chuck Morse admitted that he supported a national abortion ban. Kevin Smith attacked Don Bolduc for being open to abolishing the FBI, and then Bolduc doubled down on his call to defund the Department of Homeland Security. See the key moments from the last debate below:

  1. Morse Admits He Would Support a National Abortion Ban. Chuck Morse was asked whether he would have supported a nationwide abortion ban that had no exceptions for rape or incest in the Senate and confirmed, “yes I would support it.” Watch the clip here.

  2. Kevin Smith Attacks Don Bolduc for Being Open to Abolishing the FBI. Kevin Smith helpfully reminded WMUR viewers that Don Bolduc has made the extreme claim that he would be open to abolishing the FBI. Watch the clip here.

  3. Bolduc Doubles Down on Defunding the Department of Homeland Security. Don Bolduc doubled down on his radical plan to defund the Department of Homeland Security — which includes counterterrorism operations, United States Customs and Border Protection, and ICE. He also threw out a number of other federal departments he would like to see defunded, including the Department of Defense and the Department of Education. Watch the clip here.

  4. “If You Want Six More Years of Mitch McConnell, Vote for Chuck Morse.” Kevin Smith once again attacked Chuck Morse for his ties to Mitch McConnell, telling viewers in his closing statement, “If you want six more years of Mitch McConnell, well, vote for Chuck Morse.” Last week, a Mitch McConnell-aligned PAC dropped almost $5 million on ads backing Morse and attacking Bolduc in a desperate attempt to buy the Senate seat. Watch the clip here.


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