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NHPR Reports on Latest Example of Sununu’s Flawed Vaccine Rollout

According to a new report from NHPR, the state has lost or is missing key information from individuals who received a COVID-19 vaccine. It’s just the latest example of the Sununu administration’s flawed vaccine rollout. Yesterday NHPR reported that state officials are contacting New Hampshire residents to confirm information the state lost during the vaccination process or failed to collect when some individuals registered for their vaccinations. The loss of and failure to collect full information is just the latest misstep from the Sununu administration when it comes to vaccinations. New Hampshire currently lags behind neighboring states when it comes to vaccinations. Sununu has also received sharp criticism for knowingly touting false COVID vaccination numbers and using the state’s taxpayer-funded vaccination campaign to promote himself. NHPR: Some Calls From State To N.H. Residents About COVID-19 Vaccines Aren't Scams By Alli Fam State health officials have contacted some New Hampshire residents to confirm the information on their vaccine cards.

The calls were made due to potential data entry errors in about 0.6% of vaccine records, and contact was made to fix people's information in VINI, New Hampshire's online vaccine registration system, a spokesperson for the state said.

The errors were due to incomplete information provided during initial registration, mismatches in dose formulation, or incorrect lot numbers for administered vaccines.


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