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NHDP: Sununu Must Uninvite Disgraced Congressman Matt Gaetz from NHGOP Fundraiser

Concord, N.H. - In March, Fox News confirmed that Congressman Matt Gaetz will headline the Nashua Republican City Committee’s annual "Steak Out" fundraiser on August 27th. Gaetz is currently under FBI investigation for sex trafficking involving a minor. Neither the NH GOP nor the Nashua Republican City Committee has publicly disinvited Gaetz from the event or distanced themselves from him in the wake of the recent sex trafficking investigation.

New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Raymond Buckley releases the following statement:

“Matt Gaetz is a disgrace. It is national news that he is under FBI investigation for sex trafficking, and it appears that the NH GOP is simply looking past that. After everything that has come out about Gaetz over the past week, it is simply unfathomable and disgusting that Chris Sununu and the NH GOP have not already publicly denounced Gaetz. He must be uninvited immediately. It speaks volumes that he still appears to be coming to the Granite State this summer.”



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