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NHDP Statement on Tim Scott’s Trip to New Hampshire

CONCORD, NH — As Tim Scott travels to New Hampshire today, NHDP Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement:

“Two months into his presidential campaign, Tim Scott has taken every opportunity to double down on the most extreme components of the MAGA agenda, just like he’s done in the Senate for years. Between his commitment to signing the most conservative national ban on abortion possible and his plans to put the ultra-wealthy over working people, Scott could not be more out of step with Granite Staters.”

Here’s a recap of Tim Scott’s extreme MAGA record:

  • After spending years pushing Donald Trump’s MAGA agenda in the Senate, it’s no surprise that Scott can’t name a single policy difference between himself and Trump. Instead, he praised Trump’s record as president as “monumental.”

  • Scott pledged to sign a national abortion ban in New Hampshire, and has vowed to sign the “most conservative” national ban possible if elected. He’s cosponsored multiple abortion bans in the Senate, including legislation to make abortion illegal from conception and criminalize abortion providers.

  • Scott is a self-described “architect” of Trump’s 2017 tax giveaways that gifted corporations billions at the expense of working Granite State families.

  • Scott has repeatedly downplayed Trump’s role in January 6 and endorsed notorious election deniers like New Hampshire’s Doc Bolduc in 2022.

  • He voted against legislation to protect same-sex and interracial marriage and introduced a bill in the Senate targeting LGBTQ youth.

  • Scott voted against legislation to increase background checks, red flag laws, and school safety, in addition to mental health care services in schools and local communities.

  • He’s backed dangerous plans to end Social Security and Medicare as we know them, putting hundreds of thousands of Granite Staters at risk.


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