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NHDP Statement on Tim Scott’s Trip to New Hampshire

CONCORD, NH — As Tim Scott makes his first New Hampshire visit since officially launching his presidential campaign, NHDP Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement:

“You don’t need to look very far to see that Tim Scott’s 2024 platform is just another version of the failed Trump-Pence MAGA agenda that Granite Staters have rejected twice. After pledging to sign a national abortion ban the last time he was in New Hampshire, Scott has repeatedly doubled down, committing to signing the ‘most conservative’ ban possible.

If there’s one thing Scott’s far-right campaign has already shown, it’s that his plans to rip away Americans’ freedoms have no place in New Hampshire.”

Here’s a recap of Tim Scott’s extreme MAGA record:

  • Scott can’t name a single policy difference between himself and Donald Trump, and has praised Trump’s record as president as “monumental.”

  • He promised to sign “the most conservative” national abortion ban possible after pledging to sign a national abortion ban in New Hampshire.

  • Scott has also supported some of the most extreme anti-choice legislation in Congress, including legislation that could pave the way for banning forms of birth control.

  • He’s backed dangerous plans to end Social Security and Medicare as we know them, putting hundreds of thousands of Granite Staters at risk.

  • Scott is a self-described “architect” of Trump’s 2017 tax giveaways that gifted corporations billions at the expense of working Granite State families.

  • His Opportunity Zones initiative left small businesses and low income communities out to dry, but gave tax breaks to wealthy real estate developers.

  • Scott is also one of the biggest advocates for rolling back regulations on the Senate Banking Committee, even opposing stricter regulations a week before two banks crashed.


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