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NHDP Statement On Sununu Touting His “Abortion Ban”

CONCORD, NH – On the 3 Martini Lunch podcast yesterday, Governor Sununu finally admitted what Granite Staters have known all along – he is an anti-choice governor.

Sununu has been trying to run from his anti-choice agenda after facing political backlash for signing the first abortion ban in modern New Hampshire history into law last June, which makes no exceptions for rape, incest, or fatal fetal anomaly and includes a mandatory ultrasound requirement and felony penalties for doctors. Now, Sununu is doubling down on his anti-choice record. In his own words, Sununu says, “I'm the first governor in 40 years to sign an abortion ban. Republican governors before me never signed that. I've done more on the 'pro-life' issue than anyone.

In response, NHDP spokesperson Monica Venzke released the following statement:

“Chris Sununu is boasting his anti-choice agenda as thousands of Granite Staters are preparing to lose access to abortion and reproductive health care. In a desperate attempt to gain back political favor with Republicans as he faces primary challengers, Sununu is catering to the far-right, anti-choice extremists of his party. Granite State women cannot trust a word he says, especially when it comes to our reproductive rights. Chris Sununu will continue to lie to us and strip us of our rights for his own political gain.”


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