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NHDP Statement on Sununu’s State of the State Address

MANCHESTER, NH – In response to Governor Sununu’s State of the State Address today, NHDP Chair Ray Buckley has released the following statement: “Despite the number of lies told by Chris Sununu this morning, he and his Republican majorities know that the state of our state is in jeopardy thanks to their failed leadership. What is true is that Sununu and New Hampshire Republicans have focused their majorities on controlling women’s bodies, restricting voting rights, and attacking public school teachers and classrooms. Meanwhile, thanks to Sununu and Republicans, New Hampshire is seeing skyrocketing property taxes, a dire housing crisis, and underfunded classrooms that continue to be gutted by their reckless voucher scheme,” said NHDP Chair Ray Buckley. “Chris Sununu and New Hampshire Republicans can give all the misleading stump speeches they want, but their record of failure is plain to see with higher property taxes, less freedom for women, and gutted public schools for Granite State families. New Hampshire voters know our state is going in the wrong direction under Sununu and his Republicans pals, and they will show them the door come November.”


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