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NHDP Statement on Sununu’s Campaigning With Top McConnell Crony Senator Rick Scott

Sununu Will Join Scott in New Hampshire to Push McConnell’s Extreme Agenda

Concord, N.H. -- According to a new report, Mitch McConnell’s top ally and campaign chief, Senator Rick Scott, is set to campaign with Chris Sununu next month in New Hampshire in Manchester. The campaign stop comes as McConnell’s “full-court press” on Sununu reaches a new level of intensity — with McConnell surrogates, like Scott, urging Sununu to run at everything from the CPAC event in Dallas to conservative podcasts. This is the first time Sununu will join Scott in public at a campaign event, and the second time Scott will visit New Hampshire after he “flew to meet personally with Sununu this spring,” according to Politico. “The national wooing of Chris Sununu has nothing to do with New Hampshire — and everything to do with getting Mitch McConnell back into power. If Sununu gets in this race, it will be because Mitch McConnell and his top allies like Rick Scott spent months grooming him,” said NHDP Chair Ray Buckley. “Scott’s visit is just the latest sign of McConnell counting on Sununu to be his ticket back to power.” Background:

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