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NHDP Statement on Sununu Marijuana Flip-Flop

CONCORD, NH — In response to Governor Chris Sununu stating his support for Marijuana legalization after the Republican State Senate voted to kill the bill attached to that goal, NHDP Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement:

"This move by Sununu ranks with the most blatant and crass political games this Governor has ever played. His sudden show of support for marijuana legalization is nothing more than political posturing, given that he waited until the Senate had already voted down the latest proposal. His last-minute grandstanding does not change the fact that he has not been proactive in driving policy that reflects the will of the majority of New Hampshire residents.

“This is a pattern of behavior from Governor Sununu. He repeatedly opts for political convenience over principled leadership, remaining conspicuously silent until after pivotal moments have passed. By the time he steps in, it's too late for his words to have any real impact on policy outcomes. This is not leadership; it is political expediency of the worst kind.

“New Hampshire deserves a Governor who does not wait on the sidelines, but instead leads from the front, aligning policy with the clear desires of our residents. The people of New Hampshire deserve better than a Governor who waits for others to make decisions before revealing his own stance.”


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