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NHDP Statement on Sununu Campaigning with Anti-Choice Extremist LePage

CONCORD, NH — Today, Governor Sununu is in Maine campaigning for Paul LePage, an anti-choice extremist Republican and candidate for governor.

Following the leak of the draft SCOTUS decision to overturn Roe in May, Sununu was on CloseUp, where he refused to commit to not signing anymore abortion restrictions and said that he’d campaign with anti-choice Republicans down the ballot. Clearly, this includes LePage, who defunded Planned Parenthood, has attended many anti-choice rallies, and opposes abortion all together.

In response, NHDP spokesperson Monica Venzke released the follow statement:

“By campaigning with someone like LePage, Sununu is once again making clear that he is more interested in playing to the most extreme, anti-choice members of his party than doing what is right for Granite Staters.

Pro-choice governors do not sign abortion bans, and they certainly do not campaign with anti-choice extremists like Paul LePage. Sununu has never been and will never be pro-choice. He is pro building his national profile, and that’s it.”


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