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NHDP Statement On Sununu And NH GOP’s Failure To Stand Up For The Safety Of Granite Staters

Concord, N.H. - In Manchester on Saturday, two men with Trump flags on their truck pulled a gun on peaceful protestors. This violent incident took place the day after Twitter flagged Trump’s tweets for glorifying violence and even added a warning label. 

New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement:

“Trump’s dangerous rhetoric put Granite Staters’ lives in danger over the weekend, and Chris Sununu and New Hampshire Republicans couldn’t bring themselves to utter one word about it. 

“Sununu's refusal to denounce Trump for inciting violence and refusal to denounce the New Hampshire Trump supporters who followed through on the president’s threat show how his words of support for the peaceful protestors ring completely hollow. 

“Granite Staters need leaders who will put their safety first - ahead of a political agenda - and Chris Sununu and the NH GOP have failed this critical test of leadership. 

“New Hampshire Republicans from the State House to Chris Sununu must condemn this abhorrent violence fueled by Donald Trump and perpetrated by his supporters immediately.



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