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NHDP Statement on Senator Marsha Blackburn Headlining GOP Fundraiser

CONCORD, NH – Far-right U.S. Senator Martha Blackburn of Tennessee is headlining the Concord City / Merrimack County Republican Committees’ annual fundraiser this month. Blackburn has voted against the Violence Against Women Act, against protections against LGTBQ+ discrimination, and has repeatedly touted Trump’s Big Lie. In response, NHDP spokesperson Monica Venzke has released the following statement:

“Marsha Blackburn’s invitation to headline this fundraiser is yet another example of the NH GOP aligning themselves with extremists. Senator Blackburn is an anti-choice, anti-science, anti-public education, and anti-LGTBQ extremist who prides herself on being an uncompromising ideologue, so she’ll fit right in with the far-right agenda of Governor Sununu and New Hampshire Republicans. If this is the kind of person that the NH GOP thinks will win over Granite Stater voters, they are sorely mistaken.”


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