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NHDP Statement on Presidential Debate

New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Raymond Buckley released the following statement in response to tonight’s presidential debate: 

“Granite Staters saw the unhinged, defeated former president on full display tonight, peddling his and his allies’ extreme agenda to take away women’s fundamental freedoms, give out tax cuts to the ultra-wealthy while raising costs for New Hampshire families, and attack our democracy. In stark contrast, President Biden is delivering on the issues that matter most to Granite Staters – creating over 54,000 new jobs, lowering prescription drug prices, and fighting to defend our freedoms and democracy. Granite Staters know the choice this election is between Joe Biden, who believes every Granite Stater deserves a fair shot and that our fundamental freedoms must be protected, or Trump, who stands with his billionaire buddies and extremist friends as they come for our rights — and are ready to reject Donald Trump this November, as they did in 2020.”


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