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NHDP Statement on NH BOE Allowing PragerU Into NH Schools

CONCORD, NH — In response to the New Hampshire Board of Education voting to allow PragerU content to be used for New Hampshire school graduation requirements, NHDP Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement:

“The State Board of Education giving the green light to integrate PragerU's content into our children’s curriculum is an outrageous betrayal of New Hampshire’s students. This is nothing short of a direct assault on the very foundations of our education system, spearheaded by Sununu appointee Commissioner Frank Edelblut, a man who evidently prioritizes his political ambitions over the welfare and educational growth of our children.

“Let us be absolutely clear: this decision paves the way for biased, inflammatory, and factually incorrect content to poison the minds of our impressionable youth, setting a disastrous precedent for the future of education in our state. This is not a partisan issue; this is a clear and present danger to the integrity of the education system of New Hampshire.

“We are grateful to the dozens of concerned parents, educators, activists, and others that spoke against this proposal today and the hundreds of Granite Staters that wrote their opposition to the board — their voices drowned out the proponents of this dangerous program 10 to 1.”


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