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NHDP Statement on Nashua Ward 4 Special Election Victory – Marking 9 of 10 Special Election Wins by

NASHUA, NH — In response to Democrats' win in the Rochester Ward 4 special election, NHDP Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement.

“Congratulations to Representative-Elect Paige Beauchemin on her incredible victory in the Nsashua Ward 4 special election. The voters of Nashua have made it clear — they want sane, responsible Democratic leadership in the State House.

“This marks nine of the last ten special elections in the state that Democrats have won. These contests are where the real story about how voters are feeling is being told, and voters are making their voice heard loud and clear: they aren’t buying the false promises and open bigotry of the NH GOP. Let me repeat: they do not want extremism on abortion, on education, or racist rhetoric.”

“The NHDP has shown once again that we run the best special election campaigns in the state. We want to thank the incredible efforts of the House Democratic Victory Campaign Committee, the Nashua Democratic City Committee, and the activists and volunteers who helped deliver this win.


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