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NHDP Statement on Matt Mowers’s Potentially Violating Election Law

MANCHESTER, NH – This morning, AP reported that Republican CD-01 candidate Matt Mowers, a former Trump staffer and pusher of the Big Lie, voted twice in the 2016 primaries. Mowers voted both in New Hampshire and in his home state of New Jersey.

In response to this report, NHDP Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement:

“Matt Mowers, after pedaling debunked conspiracy theories about the sanctity of our elections and spreading the Big Lie, is the latest former Trump staffer caught violating voting laws. Republicans in New Hampshire and across the country have made attacking voting rights and spreading voter disinformation a platform of their party, yet they continue to be the ones who violate election law, attempt to undermine our election systems, and circumvent the rules.

New Hampshire Republicans need to answer for this actual voter fraud. Do NH GOP candidates in CD-01 and Chris Sununu condone voting multiple times in an election and likely violating federal election law? Or does their crusade for ‘election integrity’ only apply to Granite Staters they just don’t want to see vote?”


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