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NHDP Statement on Labor Day

CONCORD, NH — In commemoration of Labor Day, New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement:

"As we celebrate Labor Day, let us honor the hardworking men and women who have built the foundation of our great state of New Hampshire. The labor movement has been instrumental in fighting for fair wages, decent working conditions, and benefits that secure the well-being of our families. Our state's prosperity is directly linked to the resilience and dedication of our workforce, and today is a day to salute them. "While we enjoy this day of rest and reflection, let's also remember that the fight for workers' rights is an ongoing battle. The Democratic Party is committed to standing with labor and upholding the right to collective bargaining. We believe Government must promote policies that include ensuring the right of every worker to join a union, making the minimum wage a living wage, achieving pay equity for women and people of color, restoring overtime protections, and supporting prevailing wage standards.​ As we approach the upcoming election season, we renew our dedication to these core values and continue working to build a New Hampshire where everyone has the opportunity to thrive."


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