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NHDP Statement on Kevin Cavanaugh Winning the Manchester Mayoral Primary

MANCHESTER, NH — Today, residents of Manchester voted for Kevin Cavanaugh in the primary contest for mayor. In response, NHDP Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement:

“Congratulations to Kevin Cavanaugh for this incredible victory. Kevin has committed himself to the city of Manchester, serving two terms as a State Senator and an Alderman for Ward 1. He has proven himself to be a trusted leader and driving force behind key legislative efforts to strengthen the economy, create jobs and improve public safety. We are thrilled to have such a dedicated local champion run in the upcoming mayoral race.

“Kevin Cavanaugh will be terrific against his opponent, the Republican carpetbagger, Jay Ruais. Kevin Cavanaugh is a lifelong resident of Manchester and a proud graduate of Manchester public schools. We trust that, in the mayoral contest to come, residents of Manchester will elect a mayor who represents and understands this community.

“This Manchester mayoral race saw three high-quality Democratic candidates running fantastic races. Thank you to June Trisciani and Will Stewart for serving as outstanding examples of community service. Our deep bench of talented and committed Democratic leaders are a source of pride and inspiration for our entire state. On to November!”


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