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NHDP Statement on Former House Leader Rep. David Cote's Resignation

CONCORD, NH — Today, 21 term State Representative David Cote of Nashua resigned from the New Hampshire House of Representatives. Because of severe health concerns, Representative Cote was unable to attend State House meetings in person. The former House Democratic Leader was unable to perform his duties as a legislator because of the decision by Republican House Speaker Sherman Packard and the House GOP’s refusal to allow Representative Cote to perform his job remotely.

While the State Senate provides senators with the remote option during a health challenge, Packard decided not to allow Representative Cote to continue his legislative work, which he has done for over forty years.

In response to former Leader Cote’s resignation, NHDP Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement:

“Tremendous gratitude is extended to David Cote for his over four decades of extraordinary service representing the people of Nashua in the legislature. David’s intellect and wit will be sorely missed.

“I served with David for 16 years early in his legislative career. I have the utmost respect and admiration for my friend of decades. While his time as a legislator has come to an unfortunate end, David will continue to be an active and valued leader in the state Democratic Party, where he serves on the influential party Rules Committee.”


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