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NHDP Statement on Disgraced Former President Trump Endorsing Karoline Leavitt

MANCHESTER, NH — This morning, WMUR announced that disgraced former President Donald Trump endorsed Karoline Leavitt, his former employee and Republican candidate for Congress.

Karoline has made her loyalty to Trump and his Big Lie crystal clear, repeatedly stating that the 2020 election “was undoubtedly stolen from President Trump” and that the idea that President Biden legitimately won the election is “preposterous.

On top of that, following the FBI’s raid on Trump’s home in Mar-a-Lago, Karoline called the FBI and Department of Justice “corrupt,” and said that we should “investigate, litigate and incarcerate” the FBI.

In response, NHDP Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement:

“We told Trump in 2016 and in 2020 that he is not welcome here in New Hampshire, and we’ll tell him again this November. I don’t know how many times Granite Staters have to reject Trump and his far-right MAGA agenda before he finally takes the hint, but we’ll send that message as many times as it takes.

Still, after spending the entire primary campaign degrading herself to secure Trump’s endorsement, I’m glad she finally got what she wanted — validation from a twice-impeached failure who will be remembered for his role in inciting a deadly insurrection to overturn a free and fair election to stay in office. Congratulations, Karoline, you’ve made it.”


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