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NHDP Statement On Chris Sununu’s Endorsement Of Donald Trump

CONCORD, NH — Today, in response to New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu’s endorsement of Donald Trump, New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Raymond Buckley released the following statement:

“Chris Sununu’s endorsement of Donald Trump, a man he described as ‘the definition of extremism,’ is yet another example of how Republicans will fall in line behind anyone in pursuit of advancing their deeply unpopular MAGA agenda. Let’s be clear: An endorsement of Trump is an endorsement of a nationwide abortion ban, Affordable Care Act repeal, cuts to Social Security and Medicare, and more extreme policies that would hurt New Hampshire. Granite Staters have a clear choice in this election between Donald Trump, who is running on a campaign of revenge and retribution that would benefit himself and the ultra-wealthy, and President Biden, who spends every day fighting to make life better for our communities. Sununu is right: Trump is weak, divisive, and New Hampshire voters will reject him once again this November.”


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