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NHDP Statement on Chris Christie’s 2024 Announcement

CONCORD, NH — NHDP Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement on Chris Christie’s 2024 presidential campaign launch in New Hampshire:

"Since finishing an embarrassing sixth the last time he was on the ballot in New Hampshire, Chris Christie endorsed Donald Trump twice, leveraged his position as Chair of President Trump’s Commission on Opioids to land a lucrative big pharma contract, and worked with anti-abortion extremists to coordinate restricting abortion in every state. Just like his old boss, Christie is a longtime champion of the MAGA agenda that Granite Staters have rejected twice, and has a disastrous record of corruption — like creating the culture that led to Bridgegate. "No matter what Christie says throughout his campaign, Granite Staters will see him for the MAGA extremist and power-chasing opportunist that he really is."


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