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NHDP Statement on Arrest of Disgraced Former Republican State Rep Troy Merner

CONCORD, NH — Today former Republican State Representative Troy Merner was arrested and charged with multiple counts including one felony and multiple misdemeanors. The charges stem from his deception in living outside of his district while running for and acting as an elected State Representative and money and reimbursements acting illegally in that capacity.

The affidavit raises further questions as to whether Republican leadership was aware of his relocation and if they instructed him to continue serving. Merner had played a crucial role in maintaining the narrow Republican majority in the House, affecting the outcome of over 20 critical votes.

In response to the arrest, NHDP Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement:

"The arrest of former State Representative Troy Merner is the first step towards accountability for a profound deception that strikes at the very heart of our democratic values. Merner's alleged actions, including wrongful voting and residing outside of his district, represent a violation of the law and a deep betrayal of the public trust.

"The silence and lack of accountability from the House Republican majority in this matter are alarming. It is imperative to determine how long Merner's actions were known and seemingly tolerated within their ranks. This situation reveals a possible conspiracy that goes beyond a single individual, suggesting a systemic issue that must be addressed to restore public confidence in our state's governance.

"This investigation continues to raise troubling questions about the extent of knowledge and potential complicity within the House Republican caucus. Granite Staters demand a thorough investigation into these serious allegations. The implications of this conspiracy, if proven true, are far-reaching and could challenge the legitimacy of critical decisions made in the House."


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