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NHDP Statement On Another Extreme, Unknown Republican Candidate Jumping into the NH Senate Primary

This morning, Politico reported that another extreme candidate is considering jumping into the chaotic and messy Republican Senate primary. In response to the news, NHDP Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement:

“This is just the latest sign that Republicans are unhappy with their unknown and widely disliked field of candidates and that this messy primary is set to get even more chaotic.”

Republicans have been marred by a field of unknown and disliked candidates — who have all been more interested in aligning themselves with Mitch McConnell and corporate special interests than the people of New Hampshire. Just last night, National Journal called the race “the anonymous GOP primary” and noted that Chris Sununu’s decision not to run had “opened a vacuum from which a viable GOP candidate has yet to emerge” leaving “Republicans with their work cut out for them.”


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