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NHDP Statement On 2024 Coordinated Campaign

Coordinated Campaign set to launch ahead of 2024 election cycle with key hires and office openings across the Granite State

Concord, N.H. — Today, the New Hampshire Democratic Party announced the launch of the 2024 Coordinated Campaign focused on organizing communities across New Hampshire to reelect President Joe Biden and Vice President Harris, and elect strong Democratic leaders in Congress, the governor’s office, the state Senate, state House, and executive council. The Coordinated Campaign will hit the ground running to mobilize Granite Staters with office openings across the state this weekend, and more set to open in the coming days.

This effort will serve as Democrats’ hub for grassroots organizing and voter protection, working to organize and mobilize Granite Staters in every corner of the state while implementing a training program to empower local volunteers. Organizers will highlight the stakes of the 2024 election and the stark contrast between the records President Biden and Democrats have of delivering for Granite Staters, and the threats Donald Trump and extreme Republicans in Washington and Concord pose to our economy, our freedoms, and our democracy.

With Granite Staters’ voting rights repeatedly under attack this legislative session, the Coordinated Campaign will also invest in a robust voter protection program, ensuring early that every eligible voter is able to cast their ballot in the face of continued voter suppression efforts by extremists in the Republican legislature. 

“Granite Staters have a proven leader in the Oval Office who has delivered historic accomplishments for New Hampshire families, and we understand that the stakes have never been higher to reelect President Biden, Vice President Harris, and Democrats up and down the ballot in New Hampshire,” said NHDP Chair Ray Buckley. “Our unified Coordinated Campaign will work with communities across New Hampshire to not only reelect President Biden, but to also reelect Representatives Kuster and Pappas, flip the corner office, turn the state House blue, and send a message to MAGA Republicans like Donald Trump and Kelly Ayotte that their extreme attacks on our reproductive rights, our workers’ rights and our democracy itself are not welcome here.”

Jack Tormoehlen will serve as Coordinated Campaign Director, as well as continuing to serve as the New Hampshire Democratic Party's Executive Director. Tormoehlen was previously the NHDP's Data Director and has been with the state party since 2019.

“From lowering costs for New Hampshire families to protecting our fundamental freedoms, our Coordinated Campaign stands ready to support Granite Staters in electing strong Democratic leadership from Pelham to Pittsburg,” said Jack Tormoehlen, Coordinated Campaign Director. “Donald Trump and his MAGA allies in New Hampshire have made clear that they’re coming for our rights, our economy, and our democracy — our Coordinated Campaign will work side by side with President Biden and New Hampshire Democrats to ensure these extreme Republicans can’t force their devastating agenda on our state.”

Tormoehlen will be joined by General Election Director Beth Cunniff, who will oversee the organizing and voter contact effort, Voter Protection Director Nick Cosmo, and Operations and Data teams, with additional hires coming on board shortly.


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