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NHDP Statement Ahead of Nikki Haley’s Education Agenda Rollout

CONCORD, NH — Ahead of Nikki Haley rolling out her 2024 education agenda at an event with Moms for Liberty in New Hampshire, NHDP spokesperson Aida Ross released the following statement:

“It comes as no surprise that Nikki Haley is debuting her extreme education agenda standing shoulder to shoulder with an anti-freedom group hellbent on erasing history and banning books across the country. Haley has been all for attacking public education and pushing toxic culture wars throughout her career, even railing against providing more education funding for South Carolina schools as governor.

“If Nikki Haley wants to spend her Wednesday evening reminding Granite Staters how disastrous her MAGA agenda would be for their children then by all means, go for it.” Here’s a look at Nikki Haley’s extreme record on education:

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