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NHDP Releases New Digital Ad Hitting Gov. Sununu For Laughing While Defunding Planned Parenthood

Sununu Dismissed Concerns About Defunding Reproductive Health Reproductive Health Care as a “Whole Lot of Drama”

Today, the New Hampshire Democratic Party announced “Laughing” a new digital ad hitting Governor Chris Sununu for his long anti-choice record — and for offensively laughing as his Executive Council defunded Planned Parenthood. In the wake of the Texas abortion ban, New Hampshire women are deeply concerned about threats to reproductive rights. Yet instead of protecting reproductive health care, Chris Sununu has signed into law a budget that includes mandatory ultrasounds and an abortion ban and even laughed while his Executive Council defunded Planned Parenthood and other family planning centers across the state. Recently, Sununu dismissed concerns about defunding family planning providers as a “whole lot of drama” and flippantly said about the Executive Council vote “you win some, you lose some.” “Chris Sununu laughed after his Executive Council voted to threaten reproductive health care for thousands of Granite Staters and dismissed women’s concerns about his attacks on Planned Parenthood as ‘drama’,” said NHDP Senior Advisor Senator Melanie Levesque. “The Governor laughing while he attacks women’s right to health care is deeply offensive. New Hampshire women will remember that when their rights were on the line, all Chris Sununu did was laugh.” Watch the ad here. Sununu has a long record of threatening reproductive health care and taking away reproductive rights. In 2015, while serving on the Executive council, Sununu was the self-proclaimed “deciding vote” to defund Planned Parenthood, and he supported Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell’s Supreme Court nominees — who last month essentially rendered Roe meaningless in Texas.


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