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NHDP Hosts Virtual Day of Action on Affordable Care Act’s 10-Year Anniversary

Concord, N.H – Today, on the 10-year anniversary of President Obama signing the Affordable Care Act into law, Democrats across the Granite State will participate in a virtual day of action. This statewide virtual campaign will highlight what the health care law has done for New Hampshire, raise awareness around Republicans’ plot to take away Granite Staters’ health insurance, and mobilize health care voters ahead of the November election. Since the ACA’s implementation, the number of uninsured individuals in New Hampshire has declined by 44.3 percent between 2013 and 2016. The ACA has protected women in New Hampshire from discriminatory health insurance practices, has made health coverage more affordable and easier to obtain, and has been key in helping combat substance abuse. “Since President Obama signed the ACA into law, Granite Staters have been able to access life saving quality, affordable health care. And yet, Donald Trump and Republicans like Chris Sununu, Matthew Mowers, Lynne Blankanbeker, and every Republican running against Senator Jeanne Shaheen want a hardline repeal of the ACA,” said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley. “This would kick tens of thousands of Granite Staters off their health care. We can’t let that happen, and our virtual day of action will enable Granite Staters - many of whom are at home - to highlight to friends and neighbors how the Affordable Care Act has changed their lives over they past decade and to remind voters that health care is on the ballot in November.” On Monday, the New Hampshire Democratic Party will host a statewide ACA virtual day of action on the 10 year anniversary of President Obama signing the ACA into law, and highlight what the program has accomplished in New Hampshire:

  • Granite Staters will join virtual NHDP phone banks from wherever they are across the state - calling their neighbors to talk about the differences between Republicans and Democrats on health care.

  • The New Hampshire Democratic Party will be encouraging Granite Staters to share their health care stories on their social networks with the hashtag, #MyACAStory.

  • The New Hampshire Democratic Party will launch a new fact sheet for voters on how Republicans’ scheme to repeal the Affordable Care Act could make the COVID-19 outbreak worse.

  • The New Hampshire Democratic Party will run digital ads on Facebook, showing how much communities across the state have benefited from the ACA and what Granite Staters stand to lose from Republicans' repeal scheme. See a sample ad here.

In addition to discussing the positive ways the health care law has helped Granite Staters over the past decade, on the virtual day of action New Hampshire Democratic Party volunteers will also be raising awareness about Republicans’ dangerous plots to repeal the law. If Republicans repeal the ACA, they could kick 89,000 Granite Staters off their health insurance, end protections for 572,000 Granite Staters with pre-existing conditions, and leave the 57,000 Granite Staters enrolled in Medicaid expansion without care, including those struggling with substance use disorders. The economic impacts of an ACA repeal alone would also be staggering - with New Hampshire standing to lose $400 million in health care dollars. The Trump administration has sought to “completely invalidate” the Affordable Care Act. Chris Sununu has been a vocal proponent of repealing the ACA. Republican U.S. Senate candidates Bill O’Brien, Donald Bolduc and Corky Messner all back Trump and his lawsuit that would kill the ACA. And Republican congressional candidates Lynne Blankenbeker and Matthew Mowers have stood behind Donald Trump and his efforts to repeal the ACA. “Granite Staters are tired of Republicans supporting Donald Trump’s insidious efforts to rip away our health care,” said Buckley. “Thankfully, Democrats like Senator Shaheen, Senator Hassan, Congresswoman Kuster, and Congressman Pappas have not only fought to protect the ACA, but are continuing to work to make health care more accessible and affordable. Granite Staters know Democrats will fight to protect quality, affordable health care.”


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