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NHDP Congratulates House Democrats on Budget Win

CONCORD, NH — Today House Democrats were able to pass a bipartisan budget deal on a voice vote, delivering a strong win to legislative Democrats and avoiding a protracted battle over budget negotiations.

In response the budget passage, NHDP Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement:

“Congratulations to our outstanding Democratic House leaders for succeeding in passing a fair, bipartisan budget aimed at addressing the needs of all Granite Staters. I couldn’t be more proud of the Democratic House Representatives for their incredible work on this budget compromise.

“From ensuring our state employees will receive a fair pay raise, investments in affordable housing, strong protections for public education, and increases in Medicaid rates to combat the substance abuse and mental health crises, this budget addresses many key Democratic priorities.

“Democrats accomplished all this while turning back the clock on Republican cuts to retirement benefits for firefighters and police officers from more than a decade ago, removing a proposed annual $10 million appropriation of the Republican’s failed school voucher scheme, and preventing wasteful law enforcement spending on our northern border.

“This is what Democratic leadership looks like — reaching across the aisle, and getting things done.”


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