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NHDP Chair Calls For Resignation of Violent NH GOP House Member Arrested Last Week

CONCORD, NH — Following the arrest of Representative Jeff Greeson for his attack on a snow plow driver, and subsequent videos depicting his violent behavior, NHDP Chair Ray Buckley has formally called for his resignation from the New Hampshire House of Representatives.

NHDP Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement:

“The silence from the NH GOP following the arrest of one of their members has been deafening. Even while footage of this lawmaker abusing and attacking a civil servant has made its way around the world, they sit waiting hoping the public will lose interest, with no regard for the poison they infect in the state by allowing these unhinged individuals continue to occupy the people’s house. “Enough games — Rep. Jeff Greeson needs to resign or be made to resign, immediately. His continued presence in the State House is a grave disrespect to the voters of his district, whom he so deeply betrayed with his violent behavior. Granite Staters aren’t safe with men like Rep. Greeson running the state.”


Last week, WMUR reported Republican State Representative Jeff Greeson was recorded in a violent exchange with the town's highway road agent, cursing at him and grabbing at his phone. Rep. Greeson was arrested after the report, charged with disorderly conduct, criminal threatening, and simple assault. His court date is scheduled for May 18th. Following his arrest, multiple shocking videos have surfaced of Rep. Greeson — pastor at the Wentworth Baptist Church — describing his “out of control” tendency towards violence, saying in his recent past he was “fully prepared to murder at least 3 people” in “premeditated self-defense.”

Video of the original confrontation has gone viral prompting coverage from across the world, including: People Magazine, The Associated Press, Boston Globe, CBS Boston, ABC, Daily Beast, WDBJ (Virginia), New York Post, NBC15 (Wisconsin), Politics Video Channel, WFSB (Connecticut) , ABC7 (FLorida), RawStory, Daily Kos.


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