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NHDP Chair Blasts 2024 GOP Hopefuls Ahead of NH Visits

Chair Buckley: “New Hampshire voters will soundly reject whichever extremist candidate makes it out of this messy MAGA primary, because Granite Staters know their extremism will hurt working families.”

CONCORD, NH — During a press call this afternoon, NHDP Chair Ray Buckley blasted 2024 Republican presidential hopefuls like Tim Scott and Ron DeSantis for their extreme MAGA agenda ahead of their visits to New Hampshire this week.

Read highlights of Chair Buckley’s remarks:

  • [Tim Scott] has supported some of the most extreme anti-choice legislation in Congress, including national abortion bans and legislation that could pave the way for banning forms of birth control. And he is the self-described “architect” of Trump’s 2017 tax giveaways that gifted corporations billions and supported plans to gut Medicare and Social Security. With that record, it’s no surprise that Scott called Donald Trump’s presidency “monumental” and once again failed to name a single difference with him this morning.”

  • “On Friday, Ron DeSantis is bringing his failed ‘Florida Blueprint’ to our state for the first time. The reality is that the record DeSantis takes pride in touting is just the most extreme parts of the MAGA agenda: He banned abortion in Florida, pushed for cuts to Social Security and Medicare, and is now refusing to address Florida’s high health care and housing costs.”

  • “As they travel across New Hampshire, Scott, DeSantis, and the rest of the 2024 GOP hopefuls must answer for their support of these extreme policies that could hurt hundreds of thousands of Granite Staters.”

Listen to Chair Buckley’s full remarks here.


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