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NHDP Calls On Sununu To Release All Correspondence Between Him And Anti-Vaxxer Extremists

CONCORD -- The New Hampshire Democratic Party on Thursday filed a right-to-know-request calling on Chris Sununu to release all correspondence between him and the anti-vaxxer protesters who shut down last week's Executive Council meeting.

At his press conference, Sununu made the shocking admission that he texted and had personal conversations with many of the anti-vaccination extremists in the room, and even said, “I never regret a conversation.” Even though the mob prevented the Executive Council from voting on critical items like accepting federal funds to increase vaccinations and preventing the swearing in of State Representative-Elect Catherine Rombeau, Sununu’s admission made clear that he takes no responsibility for enabling the anti-vax mob.

“It is deeply alarming to know that Chris Sununu has been texting the very anti-vaxxer extremists who used violence and threats to shut down our democratic process,” said NHDP Chair Ray Buckley. “Granite Staters deserve to know what Chris Sununu has been saying to these extremists, if he’s been encouraging their dangerous rhetoric and behavior, and if he’s promising them that he’ll help push their dangerous agenda.”

The right-to-know request filed through the Governor’s office asks for any text messages, emails, and/or other communications between the Governor, and/or Chief of Staff Jayne Millerick, and any other staff member in the Office of the Governor between protestors who attended the Executive Council Meeting on September 29, 2021. The request includes text messages, emails, and/or other communications between the Governor and/or Chief of Staff Millerick and/or other Office of the Governor staff members and the anti-vaccine protestors.

You can read the right-know-request here.


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