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NHDP Calls on Sununu to Cancel NRA Event Speech

CONCORD, NH — Next month, Governor Chris Sununu is scheduled to headline a leadership forum hosted by the NRA.

In response to the horrific and tragic mass shooting in Nashville yesterday, where six people — including three children — were murdered, NHDP Chair Ray Buckley is calling on the governor to cancel his scheduled speech at the NRA forum.

“Chris Sununu has shown time and time again that he values his NRA rating more than the safety of Granite Staters. In light of yet another devastating and preventable tragedy where innocent lives were stolen by senseless gun violence, it is incomprehensible that Sununu would even consider speaking at this NRA event. Instead of using this forum as an opportunity to build his national profile and brag about how he gutted gun safety in New Hampshire, I am calling on the governor to cancel his appearance at this event immediately.”

As governor, Sununu has refused to take any action to protect Granite Staters from gun violence.

  • Sununu has an “A” rating from the NRA.

  • The very first bill Sununu signed into law as governor was anti-gun safety legislation that the New Hampshire Association of Chiefs of Police called “dangerous.”

  • On the one month anniversary of that horrific day, he signed a bill blocking any federal law or executive order regarding gun safety in New Hampshire.

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