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NHDP Calls on Governor Sununu to Immediately Condemn Donald Trump's False Claims of Voter Fraud

Concord, N.H. -- Days after a video came to light of former President Donald Trump once again spewing lies about voter fraud in New Hampshire, saying, “they found a lot of votes up in New Hampshire you saw that, because this was a rigged election, everybody knows it,” Governor Chris Sununu is refusing to stand up for New Hampshire. In light of Governor Sununu’s failure to stand up for the integrity of New Hampshire’s 2020 election, New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley issued the following statement: “Governor Sununu has a long history of refusing to stand up to Donald Trump’s lies about alleged voter fraud in New Hampshire -- and even echoing them -- but enough is enough. Governor Sununu should immediately denounce and condemn Trump’s latest lies about the 2020 election and make it clear that Joe Biden was legitimately and fairly elected. Anything less than a full condemnation of Trump’s continued attempts to sow distrust in our elections is an insult to every New Hampshire voter who made their voice heard last November. If Sununu refuses to condemn Trump, it will be an act of political cowardice and a stain on our democracy.”



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