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NHDP Announces The "Mowie" Award

Concord, N.H. - Today, the New Hampshire Democratic Party unveiled a new special award, “The Mowie,” which will be bestowed to Matt Mowers for each ridiculous lie he tells Granite Staters. The Union Leader first developed the idea for this “new political trophy” that would “duly recognize the most fantastic, over-the-top, errant nonsense uttered or issued in a New Hampshire political campaign,” and suggested naming it The Mowie in honor of Matt Mowers’s over-the-top out-of-touch campaign tactics. “With five weeks left in the election, the claims from New Jersey Matt Mowers’s campaign are getting more and more ludicrous,” said Ray Buckley, chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party. “Whether he is trying to rewrite his own failed record or making up strange claims about Chris Pappas that only an out of state politician could – Mowers’s over-the-top lies cannot be taken seriously.” Whenever Mowers offers yet another over-the-top lie, the New Hampshire Democratic Party will be calling him out on Twitter by awarding him another “Mowie” trophy. You can view today’s Mowie for Matt Mowers’s absurd allegation that Chris Pappas supports an income tax - when in reality Pappas voted against an income tax twice as a state representative and is currently leading the fight in Congress to stop Massachusetts from being able to charge New Hampshire residents who are telecommuting due to COVID-19 an income tax here.



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