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NHDP and Task Force Chair Announce 2022 Blue Hampshire Task Force Co-Chairs

CONCORD, NH — Today, Chairman Ray Buckley of the New Hampshire Democratic Party and Executive Director Troy Price announced new co-chairs for the 2022 Task Force on Building a Blue Hampshire. The Task Force is charged with exploring the coordination and strategy of previous campaigns and will create a report making recommendations for how to build for a successful 2024 election year and beyond. The new task force co-chairs will be: Hon. Jacalyn Cilley (Barrington) — Rep. Cilley is a former three term state senator and two term state representative, former candidate for governor, former Grassroots Chair of the NH Democratic Party and has been an adjunct professor at UNH for over two decades. She has an MBA from UNH. Hon. Manny Espitia (Nashua) — two term state representative and current House Democratic Floor Leader and President of the NH Young Democrats, Rep. Espitia is also founder of Our Moment PAC, Executive Director of the Nashua City Democrats and is currently the Northern Regional Director for Run for Something. He is a graduate of Princeton University.

NHDP Chair Ray Buckley issued the following statement in response to the appointments. "In 2018 we made a promise that we would build a system to explore election outcomes in New Hampshire, whether they were good or bad. We are continuing to deliver on that promise by ensuring top-flight leadership in this year's task force. We are confident those putting that report together this year will come up with valuable insights that will guide our success in 2024.” “The Task Force on Building a Blue Hampshire is listening to candidates, party activists, elected officials, staff and allies from across the state and will take an objective look at the coordinated efforts across all entities and partner organizations in the 2022 campaign in order to identify areas of opportunity and to build our bench for a successful 2024. It is so important to have diverse voices and perspectives gathering and synthesizing this information, and these additional individuals will help us ensure that a high degree of expertise is brought to bear in this effort.” Hon. Jacalyn Cilley released the following statement following her appointment. “I am honored to be asked to co-chair this year’s Blue New Hampshire Task Force. As we can see by the results this year, the findings of last year’s report yielded important insights as to how to sharpen and improve our campaign program, and I have no doubt that our report will generate similar success in the next campaign cycle and beyond.” Hon. Manny Espitia released the following statement following his appointment. “I’m humbled to be a co-chair on this year’s Task Force on Building a Blue Hampshire. Last year’s report revealed a number of areas where we were able to make improvements to several areas of New Hampshire Democrats campaign operation. I can’t wait to dig into the data and discover new ways to make our political machine stronger.”


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