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NHDP 2023 Midterm Convention Core Curriculum Trainings: The Roadmap to Victory in 2024 Starts Here

CONCORD, NH — In a step towards empowering Democrats for a triumphant 2024 election cycle, the New Hampshire Democratic Party is excited to announce the introduction of a robust training program as part of the afternoon segment of the 2023 NHDP Convention.

The ‘Afternoon Core Curriculum,’ curated by Caitlin Rollo and Shana Potvin, promises to be an invigorating series of training sessions focusing on key aspects that will form the cornerstone of the campaign strategy for the upcoming election season.

The afternoon curriculum is split into four significant parts, each designed to build a robust foundation for the 2024 elections:

  1. Where are your votes in 2024?

  2. Organizing our Messaging

  3. Building a Strategic Plan

  4. Organizing to Win

Delegates and attendees are invited to be part of these dynamic sessions that not only aim to foster intelligent discussion but also to cultivate a roadmap to victory in 2024. The sessions will delve deeply into data analytics, effective messaging strategies, comprehensive strategic planning, and result-oriented organizing principles.

"The path to victory in 2024 begins at the NHDP Midterm Convention. These training sessions are tailored to ignite a spark of innovation and strategy among our delegates, preparing them for a successful election season," said NHDP Chair Ray Buckley. "We are extremely proud to have Caitlin Rollo and Shana Potvin spearheading these pivotal discussions, which are bound to leave participants energized and ready to champion Democratic causes across the state."

The training sessions are scheduled to commence at 1:00 PM and will continue until 4:00 PM at Bedford High School, promising an afternoon brimming with knowledge exchange and strategic discourse. The NHDP invites all attendees to stick around for these essential conversations, which are poised to shape the blueprint for the forthcoming election cycle.

"The 2023 NHDP Convention marks not only a gathering of Democratic minds but also a launching pad for our 2024 campaign strategies. Through these sessions, we aim to equip our members with the tools and knowledge necessary to forge a victorious path in the next election season," added Buckley.

The New Hampshire Democratic Party looks forward to welcoming all attendees to an afternoon of insightful dialogue and collaborative strategizing at the 2023 NHDP Convention, taking place on September 30th at Bedford High School, 47 Nashua Rd, Bedford, NH.

For more information or to RSVP for the convention, please email Tickets to the convention are available here.


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