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NH Primary Source: NHDP Launches Digital Ad Campaign Linking Sununu to McConnell

The first ads of the campaign cycle against Chris Sununu are making a big splash — with WMUR covering the new effort from the New Hampshire Democratic Party to expose Sununu as McConnell’s hand-picked candidate for US Senate. The ads also drew the attention of NBC News’ Henry Gomez. Read more below:

By John DiStaso Key Excerpts: The New Hampshire Democratic Party’s effort to link potential U.S. Senate candidate and Gov. Chris Sununu with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell continues today with the launch of a set of digital ads. “Mitch McConnell Wants Sununu,” “Two Sides of the Same Coin” and “Why Does McConnell Think It’s Chris Sununu’s Time?” are among the themes of the ads that will run on “a large number of websites and on Facebook and Instagram,” the party said. They are the first ads of the 2022 campaign cycle released by the NHDP against Sununu, who continues to mull a run for the Senate against Democratic incumbent and former Gov. Maggie Hassan. The ads are also the latest component of a project the NHDP is calling “McConnell-Sununu Exposed,” which was launched in mid-July following up on McConnell’s comments back in May that Sununu “would be a great candidate” for the Senate and “We’re hoping he’d make the race.” The NHDP launched McConnell-Sununu a website two weeks ago and has been holding multiple news conferences across the state blasting Sununu for signing a 24-week abortion ban into law and for, in the party’s words, “opposing tax cuts for New Hampshire’s families.” Democrats cite polling earlier this year showing that only 4 percent of Granite Staters and 9 percent of Republicans had a favorable view of McConnell. “Chris Sununu is Mitch McConnell’s handpicked candidate for the U.S. Senate, and that is bad news for New Hampshire,” said NHDP Chair Raymond Buckley. “These digital ads are our latest effort to expose Chris Sununu for putting McConnell’s dangerous agenda ahead of the interests of Granite Staters, which is exactly why McConnell wants him by his side in the Senate. “With these ads, we’re making sure everyone knows that McConnell and Sununu are simply two sides of the same coin.” [...] Democrats received more ammunition for their attacks on Sununu when the conservative “Ruthless” podcast (a crude play on the fact that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg is dead) announced this week that the governor will be a guest today. The podcast is co-hosted by Josh Holmes, McConnell’s former chief of staff and campaign manager, and Michael Duncan, McConnell’s 2014 digital director. Both are founding partners of Calvary LLC, a strategic communications firm that has raked in millions of dollars working for McConnell’s campaign committee, leadership PAC and other committees under McConnell’s influence. Read more from WMUR.


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